Market Your Business With Automotive Promotional Items

Promotional automotive products include much more than key chains and bumper stickers. You can put your message or logo on everything from roadside toolkits to hitch covers. While smaller items make excellent giveaways, use larger products as customer appreciation gifts and raffle items.

Many vendors give out logo key chains at trade shows, job fairs, and in goody bags at other community events. Why not do something a little different and hand out a mini license plate, ice scraper or tire gauge? A tire gauge is a useful promotional item that will remind the recipient of your company every time it’s used. In addition, tire gauges often come attached to a key ring, combined with a pen light or a tread gauge, and as a digital gauge.

Other eye-catching giveaway items include car flags, bumper stickers, static clings and reflective decals. These types of screen imprinted items are especially useful when your company sponsors an event or a sports team. Customers are more inclined to use and display the item when the message supports the event or team. Your logo and contact information are then visible to everyone who sees the vehicle displaying the item. When choosing screen imprinted automotive promotional products, look for vendors who offer 4-color process. You want to make your item stand out with bright colors. These products can also be used as advertising on company vehicles.

The car ribbon magnet supporting various causes continues to be popular with motorists. Use these to show your support and your recipient’s support for everything from breast cancer research to a particular branch of the military. The best ribbons include a heart shape in the loop of the ribbon that provides an additional punch-out magnet to display information.

The ultimate in promotional automotive products is the roadside emergency tool kit. These make great customer appreciation gifts or raffle items. Basic kits include screw drivers, a tire gauge and jumper cables. More expensive kits can also include a flash light, a universal car starter, wrenches, electrical tape and even a first aid kit. Surprisingly, vehicle tool kits are reasonable priced from $20 to $50.

Finally, consider imprinting car organizers with your logo and message. You can put your information on CD organizers, catch-alls, glove box wallets, and mobile office and entertainment centers. Car organizers make nice gifts for both customer and employee appreciation days. Normally, imprinting is priced as one color in one location on the item.

Genuine Leather Car Seat Covers-the Custom Tailored Seat Accessories For Natural Interiors

Having the interiors natural, well maintained, and pleasing can do wonders in enhancing your riding experience. Though having such an environment is not that hard, majority of car owners find it hard to maintain their original upholstery. If you are one of them and eager to safeguard your seats and add appeal to your interiors, Genuine Leather car seat covers are for you.

Genuine Leather seat covers are custom tailored auto accessories and provide desired protection and elegance inside your vehicle. Seats occupy most of the area inside your car and if the seats are well maintained and cozy, its natural that you would love the moments inside your automotive.

The uncomfortable seats that are damaged and ugly can spoil the pleasure of riding. However, with Genuine Leather car seat covers, you can easily maintain your seats as well as car interiors. The seats of your car are exposed to varieties of hazards and suffer tons of abuses.

The abuses such as friction, kids, pets, dust, heat, UV rays etc wreak havoc on the original upholstery making them ugly, damaged, and unpleasant. The torn and unpleasant in return spoil the fun of riding the car. There are varieties of seat covers available in the market. However, you need to get the reliable seat covers for your automotive.

There are certain features that the seat covers you get must have. These include snug fitting, breathability, color fastness, greater appeal, soft touch, and exceptional strength to handle abuses and hazards. Genuine Leather car seat covers are designed keeping the specifics of your car make and model in mind and provide snug fitting on your original upholstery.

With all the contours of your seats covered with an effective seat covers, your upholstery is safe inside. Apart from snug fitting, the custom tailored seat covers come with several features. Made of premier quality Italian leather, the custom car seat covers by Coverking breathes well and make your seats weather friendly.

So, get the custom-fit Genuine Leather seat covers and get cozy seats and greater look and feel inside your car.

Dedicated Motorcycle Parking Reduces Cost, Congestion

Traffic is the bane of all commuters, and once you reach your destination you have to park. In most parts of the world, motorcycles and scooters are what many people turn to in order to make the commute faster, easier, and cheaper. The U.S. is not most parts of the world, but were getting better.

When a commuter rides to work on his/her motorcycle, they accomplish several things. They make the highways and streets less congested, because they take up less space. Their lighter vehicles do less damage to the road surface. And when they park, they take up less parking spacesometimes.

Its that parking aspect that some communities have taken to improve by designating certain parking areas specifically for motorcycles. And yet, in other communities, its almost as if they want to discourage people from riding. Thats how different the laws are.

Lets say youre making your commute on your slim, light, Suzuki GSX-R600. If you work in Edmonton, WA, you can park alongside a lot of other bikes in special, no-charge areas. Not only do you save the money you would otherwise pay to park, but with six or more bikes fitting easily into the space one car would use, youre helping other motorists find their parking spaces more easily.

In other cities, however, you would face an entirely different proposition parking your bike. Some cities require all vehicles to park parallel to the curb in areas designated for parallel parking. That might leave you with room for only two bikes is that space, and thats if the city allows more than one vehicle per parking space. Some do not, even when youre talking motorcycles.

The absurdity of that mandate was demonstrated a couple years ago when one city police department started coming down hard on bikes they considered improperly parked. The bikers banded together and appealed to the city to change their rules but no relief was provided. So a plan was hatched. Early one morning, before most commuters were arriving at work, several hundred motorcyclists came in very early and parked one bike to a parking space all over the downtown area. As far as you could see there were acres of unused space between these solitary motorcycles but nowhere at all for people in cars to park. The city quickly changed its ordinances.

While some four-wheeled motorists might complain that it is unfair for motorcyclists to get preferential parking, the fact is, designated motorcycle parking can be created using curb space that is currently going unused. In Denver the citys traffic department was hard at work on a designated motorcycle parking plan when the recession hit. Although it would have cost very little, with budgets in deficit, any non-essential costs were eliminated and the project stalled before it got off the ground.

Nevertheless, the department was working on an eminently sensible plan. City blocks are frequently marked with paint to designate parking spaces, but often there is not enough room near the corners for another space, even though safety research might show that parking would be OK closer to the corner. Voila. Put a little paint on the asphalt and designate this space for motorcycles. Its just that simple. Now commuters who own motorcycles are encouraged to ride rather than drive because they have convenient, free parking, and that helps everyone else in cars. Its a win-win. Plus, motorists who see motorcyclists getting such a nice benefit might decide its time for them to buy that bike theyve wanted for so long and start riding to work, too.

Automotive Service To Winterize Your Vehicle 2 Components Overlooked!

To winterize their vehicle, most people are aware of the major parts or components of a vehicle that should be inspected during an automotive service, such as oil changes, tires, transmissions, and brakes. However, there are 2 other components that often get overlooked until they fail, leading to an inconvenient and costly automotive repair.
What are these 2 components? Belts and Hoses!

Your cars belts and hoses are essential to the interior heating system, electrical system, and engine. Dont take the routine replacement intervals of these small parts for granted or neglected during an automotive service, because they can fail unexpectedly and leave you stranded by the side of the road. This is especially annoying and even dangerous in winter driving when the temperatures are below freezing.
What is their purpose?

* Timing Belt This belt keeps the crankshaft and camshaft mechanically synchronized to maintain engine timing. Whether its the serpentine, V-belt or fan belt (the belts on the outside of the engine), they all transmit power from the front of the engine to accessories that need to be driven, such as the heating system, air conditioning, and the charging system and fans.
* Hoses Radiator and heater hoses carry coolant to and from the engine, radiator and heater core. They carry heated water to your cars interior heater which keeps the interior of your car warm when it is freezing outside.

Typical symptoms of wear and tear that are indicators to schedule an automotive service as soon as possible are

* You start to see fluid leaks on your garage floor
* The dashboard light flashes
* You hear squeaking noises coming from under the hood during start-up, or while driving.

Are you looking for expert automotive service? To keep your car rolling down the road, contact our ASE Certified Technicians today by calling (406) 248-2838, or go on-line to for more information. They will be happy to help you with your car tune up services. Our Tech-Net professional auto repair shop in Billings, MT, also serves vehicle owners in the areas of Shepherd and Laurel, MT.

Sources to Get Quality Online Leads for Automotive Dealers

Are you still placing ads in newspapers or billboards and waiting for people to show up at your dealership? Do you have a nice website but are unable to get quality leads? Is your competitor grabbing all the prospective buyers in your market? Then it is the time to rethink on your marketing strategy.

We all know that there are a limited number of potential car buyers in the market. Now the question is, how do you direct these potential car buyers to your dealership? Though consumers like to physically inspect a car before purchasing, it is the Internet they approach first in their car buying process. Needless to say is how dramatically the Internet has changed the car buying process almost 90 percent of consumers use the Internet to research vehicles (source: ‘Capgemini Cars Online Study 2009/2010). The survey also states that many consumers today are starting their research on vehicles with search engines, then moving to manufacturer and dealer sites.

So, it is very important for the auto dealers to have a solid internet marketing strategy; which includes automotive SEO, PPC, Email campaigns and automotive social media marketing media to get quality online leads and stay ahead of their competitors. A well planned internet marketing strategy enables you to access a wide number of potential customers, which then translates in to huge sales.

Simply put, investing in the website design is not enough. Proper care and nurturing its performance should be the top priority of an automotive dealer. It is very important to make sure that your website is ranking on the first page of all the major search engines in order to get highly qualified, exclusive leads to your website.

Sources to get quality leads
As a smart auto dealer, you should embrace all that the Internet offers. In order to survive, sustain and succeed in today’s competitive environment, you should take advantage of all the tools that are available; such as SEO, PPC advertising, e-mail campaigns, and an aggressive social media marketing strategy.

Automotive SEO is one of the major sources, which provides quality online leads for your dealership. A solid automotive SEO strategy lists your website among the top rankings for all your keywords. Ranking on the first page of the search engines makes your website credible, which in turn provides more traffic, more quality leads and eventually more sales. Proper optimization of home and inside pages brings up all the content related to services and products you offer – making it easy for the customers to know about your services.

Pay Per Click advertising involves purchasing sponsored links on the top of page of a search engines. These campaigns can generate instant sales to your dealership if used within the right context. PPC attracts highly targeted traffic to your dealership based on the keywords you have selected. An important aspect of a PPC campaign is that they can be launched quickly, which ensures that you get quality leads in no time.

Email campaigns
E-mail marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that generate quality leads. Email campaigns increase sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations and overall sales. Through email campaigns, dealers can contact potential customers on a regular basis, increase customer loyalty by sending newsletters or other information related to products or services they offer. Through email marketing, dealers can target large number of customers with minimal budgets. In short, it is a cost effective, highly responsive and opportunistic medium to generate quality leads.

Social media marketing
Millions of people are using social platforms like Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis nowadays. It is one of the latest and the fast growing marketing base today. High-quality social media content can raise brand awareness and consideration levels. It can also change customer perceptions of a brand. Social media marketing improves your dealership’s reputation online and thus provides quality leads.

Automotive dealers can get quality online leads using Search Engine Optimization along with the other three campaigns mentioned above. But even today, many auto dealers are still not embracing these highly effective marketing campaigns because they either fail to understand them or they think that it is time consuming and difficult to implement. If you are one from them, it is very important for you to approach a reputed internet marketing firm that specializes in helping automotive dealers, to get quality leads that result in sales opportunities.