Diy Battery Desulfator For At Home Reconditioning

A DIY battery desulfator is a device that rejuvenates batteries in order for them to perform like brand new. Here’s a scenario for you: Your typical car battery’s life span is about two to four years. After that, it eventually dies – sometimes while you’re running pretty late to work or sometimes on a family cross country trip or sometimes just at home when you’re about to start the car up. Regardless of when or where it conks out, it’s dead and the situation renders your car useless. So, you haul the off to the recycler’s and spend some cash for a new one so that you can use the car.

But what if you could actually recondition the battery and make it work like brand new before it died out? The good thing is – you can! Most car batteries (and batteries for other machines and devices) can be reconditioned or refurbished in order to make it work like brand new and prolong its life expectancy.

What Causes The Batteries To Deteriorate, Anyway?
Over time, the inside of the battery starts to undergo a process called sulfation, where the lead plates (the part of the battery that produces the electric charges) become coated with sulfate. The coat creates an insulation on the lead plates, which causes then to produce a lower voltage charge. Eventually, the coating becomes so thick that the battery can no longer hold any charge. When this occurs, the battery is considered ‘dead.’ However, the reconditioning process simply de-sulfates the battery in order for the sulfate build-up to break down. This clears up the lead plates, allowing the battery to produce more charge, allowing it to work normally like it usually does.

Can DIY Battery Reconditioning Be Done?
Battery reconditioning can be done at your local automotive service shop – or you can do it yourself. All you need is a desulfator or Nanopulser. This device works by emitting high voltage pulses right into the battery. The pulses force the sulfate crystals to break down and dissolve, rendering the ‘bad’ or ‘dead’ batteries useful or almost like brand new.

Where Can I Get A Battery Desulfator?
Battery desulfators can be purchased online or from local vendors – or you can have someone make it for you. Some desulfator devices come with chargers, and can range anywhere from $25 to $100. Or, you can choose to make your own DIY Battery Desulfator from scratch. Making one is simply easy and can be created using a number of items that are available from hardware and electrical stores near you.

A good guide should provide a proper work plan and should give you a diagram to follow in making your own battery desulfator. Once you have the device on hand, try practicing on spare batteries or ‘bad batteries’ that you may be able to purchase at a cheap price.

It’s a good idea to use the desulfator at home as a preventative measure. Meaning, battery reconditioning should be done when the battery is still alive, as a preventive measure – as a last minute resuscitation measure once the battery dies.

Motorcycle Purchase and Finance Done Right

Are you considering purchasing a motorcycle? You are not sure about how you should do it and how you should prepare for the motorcycle loan application? Following is a brief explanation and tips on how to purchase your desired motorcycle and how to finance the purchase by means of motorcycle loans. If you want to obtain advantageous terms both on the loan and on the bike purchase follow this advice carefully and you will achieve what you want without hassles. Though there is no particular order in which a motorcycle purchase steps should be followed, always remember that shopping for a motorcycle with the loan pre-approval in hand will guarantee you better terms on your loan purchase.

Shopping Around For The Right Bike

Before starting your search for your dreamed motorcycle there are a couple of things you need to resolve first: You should always consider your monthly payment possibilities with your budget at hand, you should also know beforehand how much money you are willing to spend for the motorcycle purchase and for the financing of that purchase and with that information in mind, you should start shopping for your motorcycle loan first unless you have the money ready for the purchase. In any case, when you have the money or the loan pre-approval, the shopping should start calmly knowing that you will not close on the first deal you are presented. Do not rush in or look anxious, remember that you will at first only be gathering information regarding models, brands, prices, etc.

Once you have gathered enough information you need to find a balance. Do not get capricious and consider your options, seek the bike that matches not only your taste, but also your budget and your convenience. After you have selected your desired motorcycle, find the lowest price you were offered for that bike and taking that offer with you contact the other dealerships to ask them to improve that offer. As you can see, this is the reason why you need to have the money or the loan pre-approval ready before contacting dealers: When bargaining, if you have the money or financing available, the dealers will take you seriously and try to improve the offer to keep you as a client.

Shopping for The Loan

Getting the loan needs to be done first. At least you should try to obtain pre-approval in written so you can show it to the dealers and bargain for a better purchase price. Motorcycle loans are not that difficult to get. If you have a fair or good credit score, things will really be simple. But if your credit is not that good, there is no need to despair. Bad credit motorcycle loans are available widely and by shopping around a little you can obtain competitive rates for bad credit motorcycle loans too. In any case, whether you are seeking a regular motorcycle loan or a bad credit motorcycle loan, you should request many loan quotes and try to contact lenders informally to know what they charge for financing. Once you have several loan quotes to compare, you should pick the loan with the terms that best adjust to your budget and finances.

Many Problems Are Faced By The Auto Industry Due To Online Counterfeiting And The Gray Market.

Counterfeiting is such a menace that even the Federal Bureau of Investigation has termed it the crime of the 21st century. If you dont believe this, perhaps some number crunching can shed some light on the kind of hazards that this activity creates for automotive businesses worldwide. For example, the global automotive parts industry suffers losses pegged as high as $12 billion a year, $3 billion of which is in the U.S. The total global counterfeit market is pegged at a whopping $350 billion. The Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA), realizing the grave situation of counterfeits affecting its businesses, formed the Brand Protection council to take matters of fake counterfeit products in the automobile sector seriously.

What are fake automotive parts? How does one distinguish them from the originals?

Some counterfeits are simply imitations of real automotive parts and look exactly like the original so as to fool the buyer into believing that they are buying the original. Other times, fake or counterfeit automotive parts are simply packaged to look like the original. Counterfeiters often utilize the same brand image, colors and font sizes to ensure that the packaging looks similar to that of the real product. Some of the most common counterfeit automotive parts are things like fan belts, spark plugs, engine mountings, wheel covers, alloy wheels, air filters, fuel filters and oil filters. Sometimes the products carry the logo of the original. Other times counterfeiters simply use outdated parts that have been thrown out by the original company or dealer, renew them with some work and sell them again in the grey market.

There are many problems associated with fake automotive parts.

Such grey market products affect the brand and the reputation of the original manufacturer. Despite being made to look like the original, these products are not the original product. Even though they may be sold at perhaps 1/4th of the original price, the worth is much less than the real product. The safety of your vehicle could be compromised, and it could have many different kinds of problems, from part failure to higher fuel consumption to higher levels of pollution. The most pressing problem with using fakes is that, while you might feel you have gotten a great deal in terms of price, you will never get the intended effect that the original product can offer. In terms of quality and durability, you will always be at a loss if you opt for counterfeit products.

Auto Repair Speak mechanic For Quality Auto Repairs!

Now that “old man winter’ is gone, and summer is at our door, many of us are making exciting plans for summer road trips. It’s important that you don’t neglect taking care of any necessary maintenance or auto repairs before you hit the road! To make sure that going to an auto repair shop is not a fearful experience, make sure that you and your mechanic are speaking the same language in terms of labor, warranty, parts, and repairs.

To reduce surprises with regard to the cost and time required for an auto repair, here are four tips to help you communicate effectively with your mechanic. By knowing the correct terminology about auto repairs, you will better understand the details of your expected auto repair.

1. Don’t be afraid! Ask your mechanic to explain the auto repair simply, or in layman’s terms. Your mechanic should also ask you questions about what you expect.
2. Don’t be in a hurry! Take your time at the auto repair shop so that you are sure to get a correct diagnosis. This will help prevent many misunderstandings as to knowing exactly what needs to be done. Often, an on-the-spot, off the cuff, diagnosis may be incorrect and waste both yours and the mechanic’s valuable time.
3. Don’t forget to leave a contact number and be available! Make sure that your mechanic knows you want to be called and informed of the problem, course of action, and cost, before any actual work begins. Ask the mechanic to call you if there are any new discoveries or change in plans during the repair process.
4. Ask questions! Make sure you have an understanding of the auto repair shop policies in terms of labor rates, guarantees, warranties, and acceptable methods of payment. The more questions you ask, the more satisfied you will be with the service performed on your vehicle.

Getting ready for that long awaited for summer road trip can be exciting, especially knowing that your vehicle is ready to get your destination quickly and safely!

Need quality auto repairs? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Clausen Automotive by calling (608) 221-8321 or go on-line at for more information about auto repair services. Since 1975, our family-owned auto shop has proudly served vehicle owners in Madison, WI, and the surrounding communities.

Automotive Wholesale Company – Dealers Wanted

What should you look for when choose automotive wholesale Company for your automotive online business.

Days when entrepreneurs was looking hardly for automotive wholesale company who will give them dealership are gone. Now entrepreneurs should look on what kind of solutions such Company will offer. This because aftermarket car parts and accessories online market is different as it was before. Billions web sites are created every year and only 10% of them are successful. Im sure you want be in these 10% and I will explain you what exactly you need to start or expand your Internet presence and make profit from it.

Ideal Automotive Wholesaler will have:

1. Top product range. More products loaded on your web site or online auctions- more you sell. This is a Law. Remember that having, lets say 1000, automotive products in your web store is not enough

2. Regular Stock Updates. It is important that automotive wholesaler updates their stock at least once in a month. Automotive market move very fast and new products come in and come out all the time. There is no success on selling outdated stuff.

3. Shopping Cart friendly feeds. Feed is a file containing all your products data. This file can be uploaded on your web site shopping cart. Lets look on situation when there is no feed file available from supplier. More or less established site should have at least 10.000 products. Can you imagine load them manually? Ok, you hired 10 people and job is done in 2 months time. But next day when you finished you get notice from supplier about some product line discontinued, price changed, new come ins… All over again? In this case you will have no time to market your resource and end up with heart attack.

4. drop shipping Service. It is extremely important for a new or remotely located automotive business to have this option. Read more about automotive drop ship service.

5. New Dealer Training. No matter how experienced you are. Automotive wholesale supplier should be able to give an idea on how to market their products. Ideally they will offer personal assistance on web site or online auction store creation. Opportunity for automotive business franchise could be a great addition is well.

6. Warranties | Returns. Automotive wholesaler must provide you with warranties on all car parts and auto accessories they stock. It is impossible to avoid charge backs or other issues, which lead to product returns or exchanges. Automotive supplier should have clear and reasonable product refund/return policy.

7. Automotive dealer support. No matter how smart we are- one day we all need help. Ideal automotive parts supplier will answer your email almost instantly or give professional advise over a phone without delays or blond talks.

And these points not an optional- they are essential for well established automotive wholesaler. Just ask your supplier what they do to get you succeed?

If you dont have one or not happy with current one- ask us

How MimoUSA can help you:

We are well established automotive wholesale business with 100s active online dealers and retail stores
We give you everything you need to start up successful online business or automotive retail store front
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Our Services:
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Store Front Franchise
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Learning Center
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Auction Generator
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Dealer Assistance
Upon request, we will assign you a dealer who has seen success with their own sales and are willing to guide you step by step to see you succeed on our automotive business opportunities Free of charge.
Our Forums, where you can interact with thousands of dealers to learn the industry, products, interact and more.

Create a Business Website with us for one very low fee.
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Business Solution
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Where to start:
1. Read all intro information first- this will answer many general questions.
2. Apply for dealer account
3. Make your homework at Learning Center (before we give you anything you must be able to handle it)
4. Apply for ebay drop ship program, website creation and/or apply for retail store front franchise