Automotive Navigation Heads Into The Cloud

According to the market research firm iSuppli Corp., automotive navigation systems increasingly are transitioning from standalone devices to connected systems capable of accessing up-to-date map data and other information from the cloud.

About 20 percent of in-vehicle navigation systems sold in 2010 will include connectivity, either through an embedded modem or a tethered mobile device, amounting to 1.8 million units. This will rise to 90 percent in 2017, amounting to 27 million units.

Cloud-sourced navigation is an evolution of connected navigation systemsa trend that started several years ago. Traditional car navigation systems use databases stored on the device itself but future navigation systems will rely on information that is stored in the cloud. Maps, points of interest, traffic and weather are examples of cloud-sourced content that is enabled through connectivity.

Rising sales of navigation systems with two-way connectivity are being fueled by the advantages of connecting to the cloud, said Phil Magney, Vice President (Automotive Research) at iSuppli. By connecting to the cloud, navigation systems give motorists access to the most up-to-date databases in the world. Traffic, weather, and points of interest change constantly, so access to the cloud is vital.

Static databases will become a thing of the past in automotive navigation during the next 10 years, said Egil Juliussen, Principal Analyst & Fellow (Automotive Research) at iSuppli. Connectivity means motorists will have multiple options in terms of on-board and off-board navigation resources.

On-board connected navigation systems that store maps on the device will refresh periodically to reflect changes and updates. In contrast, off-board navigation systemswhich access a server for map datawill need constant connectivity. Both employ cloud-based data access.

Traffic information is the leading cloud-sourced service for navigation systems, which is constantly refreshed to reflect the latest updates. Several more cloud-based navigation services are being employed including weather information, Point of Interest (POI) search, destination download, traffic camera visuals and map updates.

Worldwide sales of all types of navigation systems will exceed 100 million units in 2010, with smart phones and Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) accounting for the bulk of the units. Slightly more than 9 million in-vehicle navigation systems will be sold in 2010, dwarfed by the nearly 100 million PND and smart phone sales.

Smart phones will generate the growth in the navigation segment. PND shipments during the next decade are forecasted to be at about 40 million units. In comparison, 330 million smart phones with navigation will be sold in 2017.

Smartphone navigation increasingly is becoming free of charge and the use case is mostly in the autoalthough pedestrian navigation is beginning to emerge. By 2017, many of the smart phone-based navigation solutions will be integrated within the vehicle system where the display is shown on the head-unit and the voice guidance and voice input are through the vehicles Human Machine Interface (HMI).

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Top 5 Handheld Gps Manufacturers

Handheld GPS units are extremely popular for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, geocaching, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, and skiing. Although there are many different GPS manufacturers to choose from there are five main manufacturers that are extremely popular for handheld GPS units. Each company has their own unique models to choose from.

Below are the five Handheld GPS Manufacturers to consider when searching for a GPS device.

GPS Manufacturers

Garmin is likely one of the most popular manufacturers for GPS units as well as many other products. Garmin began its business 21 years ago in 1989. They comprised at that time of a few engineers who got together to develop and construct navigation and communication devices. Today Garmin has offices all over the world and well over 7,000 employees. They design and market units for:

Automotive navigation
Marine devices
Wireless GPS for smart phones
Outdoor receivers

The Garmin handheld GPS units are well known for offering great quality as well as the latest technology. They are often voted the best in their class.

The Magellan Corporation has changed ownership and name several times. The original Magellan Corporation was founded in 1986 but in 2001 they were acquired by Thales, a large electronics company. In 2006 Thales Navigation was purchased by Shah Capital Partners who changed the name to Magellan. Then in 2009 they were bought out again by MiTAC International Corporation. The consumer GPS units are still marketed under the Magellan brand. They have an extensive line of handheld GPS devices as well as automotive navigation devices. Despite the constant change of ownership Magellan still does and always has produced good quality GPS units.

DeLorme has been in business since 1976. They create technology, mapping products, and data not only for consumers but also for professionals. Although they always produced great quality products they really earned a name for themselves in the 1990s when they pioneered GPS solutions for laptops, Palm OS devices, Pocket PCs and recently for Bluetooth applications and color topographic maps and aerial imagery. They have a fairly good selection of handheld GPS devices.

Lowrance Electronics Inc. is one of the oldest GPS manufacturers. They began in 1957 and have a pioneer in developing Global Positioning System mapping instruments. They have an extensive line of SONAR and GPS units for outdoor recreation as units for aviation, marine and automotive. They have a decent selection of handheld GPS units.

Bushnell offers a wide range of outdoor technology tools such as binoculars, scopes, rangefinders, trail cameras, flashlights and of course handheld GPS units. They have been in the high performance sports optics industry for over 50 years. They only have a few handheld GPS receivers but they are tailored for all outdoor activities. More basic in design and features than the other GPS manufacturers listed above their units are ideal for any sportsman looking for a GPS device made simple.

With so much choice in handheld GPS manufacturers it is not hard to find a model to suit your outdoor activities and all your needs.

Never Settling For Second Best With Teng Tools

When anyone attempts a job, maintenance work or possibly a construction project, they really want the end result to be the very best that it will possibly be. If a job is not carried out to the required standard the person responsible will feel extremely disappointed. This would be an awful shame, and in many cases where this happens, the blame won’t lie with the workman for not performing correctly. Inspite of the hard work and effort, an end result can still be a way off being perfect. Why does this occur? It might be as a result of wrong tools being utilized for the job, or the tools that were used for the job being of a low quality. If it is the tool or even the quality of the tool that’s hindering the finished result of a project, it really is an avoidable waste. Can we really make sure that the tools used for a job are perfect and of a high quality and standard each time? This is quite possible when working with Teng tools.

Teng tools are a producer and distributor of the best and highest-quality tools currently available. They feature a variety of over 1800 tools to make sure that everyone is able to find the correct tool they want for the job they need to do. Currently, they distribute tools to some big corporations involved in industry, automotive engineering and aviation industries around the world. Anyone is able to purchase Teng tool products so that they can finish DIY projects to a high standard. Teng tools are widely accessible to buy in the marketplace and each tool carries a lifetime guarantee – evidence of exactly how positive Teng tools are that their products are built to stand the test of time and still retain their quality and endurance. The range of Teng tools out there is extensive and so ensures that for anybody who must undertake a project, whether it is car maintenance or a home DIY project, there are Teng tools available to help one finish the job to the highest quality and standard possible.

The name of the brand originates from a 12th century Japanese folk hero whose name is legendary for power and control. It is these features which Teng tools try and embody in each and every tool they produce. Teng tools give the power and control essential to produce a great piece of work. With the help of customer feedback Teng tools seek to be continuously improving the tools that they make.

With Teng tools, it’s no longer necessary to feel let down with a finished result or feel hopeless when a DIY project has not matched up to original goals. Using Teng tools will assure you achieve the desired result and feel a sense of pride in your work.

Automotive Mechanic Checklist-(your Checklist To The Right Automotive Mechanic)

Automotive Mechanic Checklist-(Your Checklist to the Right Automotive Mechanic)

Your car is a precious investment to you. You probably use it everyday. Just like when your sick you go to a professional doctor, the same to true for your car when it is sick or needs repair. You need to go a professional mechanic.

Finding the right mechanic for your car repairs is not as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is to know what a good mechanic is made of. Have your checklist handy and you will be all set to choosing the right mechanic for your car repair needs.

Relevant Training and Knowledge
Whenever you are trying to check out a good mechanic it is better that you do your homework first before going in and bringing your car for repair or service. You should research if the auto mechanic has acquired the correct training which is being offered in their shop. Training, educational, or specialization certificates or some proof of their achieved grades is of essence. This may seem like a high-standard but this will be surely helpful knowing that the mechanic you are about to entrust your car to is knowledgeable and competent on his field.

Experience and Time
Another good point to add in your checklist is the experience the mechanic has in this field. You may inquire how long have they been in the specific specialization they have, how long have they been doing car repairs as well as what other specific auto repairs have they already accomplished. Having the knowledge about this assures you that your car’s problem will easily be solved and that your car is in good hands. Also, for car repair shops you can inquire how long they have been in business as good businesses providing honest, high-quality service usually endure time and last longer than those other lesser car repair shops.

Services Offered
You may also want to, of course, check what services are being offered in a specific car repair shop. Every car has different needs and not all repair shops may have the specific auto mechanic you want for your car’s needs. Always check if the service you want done is being offered or not.

Cleanliness and Orderliness
Aside from those mentioned, you must also observe and take into consideration how organized, clean and orderly a mechanic or their shop is. This will tell you a lot about your mechanic’s work ethics and personality. It is ideal and advisable that a mechanic must be trustworthy and honest, as well as hardworking. In most cases your will only know this after your car service or repair, unless you have been recommended by a friend or relatives. For beginners, observation is your tool. Observe how clean and orderly a shop is from the lobby and the work area. This simple test will surely help you decide on how careful, orderly, and organize your mechanic is, as well as how their shop is being managed.

There are still other things you may want to add but for the basics, the above mentioned are a must in selecting the right auto mechanic for you.

Car Care Tips To Ensure Smooth Holiday Travel

Holiday travel can be a bust if your vehicle breaks down on the way to visiting friends and family.

With today’s busy schedules and high-tech vehicles, most drivers are left with neither the time nor inclination for an afternoon of tinkering on their car. But motorists can still do their part.

According to the experts at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), good communication between the repair shop and the customer can help ensure satisfactory service.

ASE offers the following tips to help make the repair process go smoothly.

* Do your homework before taking your vehicle in. Read the owner’s manual to learn about the vehicle’s systems and components. Follow the recommended service schedules and keep a log of all repairs and service.

* Don’t ignore your vehicle’s warning signals. There may be explicit dashboard messages or subtle changes in performance. Make a note of any problems – and under what conditions they occur.

* Inspect your car frequently. Check for unusual sounds, odors, drips, leaks, smoke, warning lights and gauge readings. See if you notice changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage or fluid levels. Also, check for worn tires, belts or hoses, and problems in handling, braking and steering or vibrations.

* Communicate your findings. Be prepared to describe your car’s symptoms. Carry a written list of those symptoms to give to the technician or service consultant. Do not suggest a specific course of repair; let the technician diagnose and recommend a remedy.

* Stay involved. Do not be embarrassed to request simple definitions. Niangkly run repair establishments recognize the importance of two-way communication in automotive repairs. However, don’t rush the technician to make an on-the-spot


* Leave a telephone number where you can be reached. Ask to be called and apprised of the problem, course of action and costs before work begins. Before you leave the shop, be sure you understand all shop policies regarding estimates, guarantees and acceptable methods of payment.

ASE is dedicated to improving the quality of automotive service and repair through the voluntary testing and certification of automotive technicians. ASE-certified technicians wear blue and white ASE shoulder insignia and carry credentials listing their exact areas of certification. Their employers often display the blue and white ASE sign.