Automotive Wholesale Company – Dealers Wanted

What should you look for when choose automotive wholesale Company for your automotive online business.

Days when entrepreneurs was looking hardly for automotive wholesale company who will give them dealership are gone. Now entrepreneurs should look on what kind of solutions such Company will offer. This because aftermarket car parts and accessories online market is different as it was before. Billions web sites are created every year and only 10% of them are successful. Im sure you want be in these 10% and I will explain you what exactly you need to start or expand your Internet presence and make profit from it.

Ideal Automotive Wholesaler will have:

1. Top product range. More products loaded on your web site or online auctions- more you sell. This is a Law. Remember that having, lets say 1000, automotive products in your web store is not enough

2. Regular Stock Updates. It is important that automotive wholesaler updates their stock at least once in a month. Automotive market move very fast and new products come in and come out all the time. There is no success on selling outdated stuff.

3. Shopping Cart friendly feeds. Feed is a file containing all your products data. This file can be uploaded on your web site shopping cart. Lets look on situation when there is no feed file available from supplier. More or less established site should have at least 10.000 products. Can you imagine load them manually? Ok, you hired 10 people and job is done in 2 months time. But next day when you finished you get notice from supplier about some product line discontinued, price changed, new come ins… All over again? In this case you will have no time to market your resource and end up with heart attack.

4. drop shipping Service. It is extremely important for a new or remotely located automotive business to have this option. Read more about automotive drop ship service.

5. New Dealer Training. No matter how experienced you are. Automotive wholesale supplier should be able to give an idea on how to market their products. Ideally they will offer personal assistance on web site or online auction store creation. Opportunity for automotive business franchise could be a great addition is well.

6. Warranties | Returns. Automotive wholesaler must provide you with warranties on all car parts and auto accessories they stock. It is impossible to avoid charge backs or other issues, which lead to product returns or exchanges. Automotive supplier should have clear and reasonable product refund/return policy.

7. Automotive dealer support. No matter how smart we are- one day we all need help. Ideal automotive parts supplier will answer your email almost instantly or give professional advise over a phone without delays or blond talks.

And these points not an optional- they are essential for well established automotive wholesaler. Just ask your supplier what they do to get you succeed?

If you dont have one or not happy with current one- ask us

How MimoUSA can help you:

We are well established automotive wholesale business with 100s active online dealers and retail stores
We give you everything you need to start up successful online business or automotive retail store front
We teach you how exactly to make money from business website or/and online auctions
We will reward you on selling our products

Our Services:
70,000 Automotive Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
Live Inventory updated daily
free drop shipping

Store Front Franchise
If you are thinking about opening a new store front or expand your existing business, we have a perfect opportunity for this.

Learning Center
Over 20 Tutorial Videos & 40 Marketing Articles
Road to Success Guide

Auction Generator
List product with unique custom templates on sites such as:
– ebay
– Yahoo
– Amazon
– AutoGearBid .

Dealer Assistance
Upon request, we will assign you a dealer who has seen success with their own sales and are willing to guide you step by step to see you succeed on our automotive business opportunities Free of charge.
Our Forums, where you can interact with thousands of dealers to learn the industry, products, interact and more.

Create a Business Website with us for one very low fee.
Website maintenance subscription
Free Data-feeds updated weekly for existing websites
Data feed friendly to many business shopping carts including ProStores, oSCommerce, Yahoo and more.

Business Solution
Consulting Service for new and existing businesses
Links to solution companies with affiliate discounts
affiliate program
Rewards Program

Where to start:
1. Read all intro information first- this will answer many general questions.
2. Apply for dealer account
3. Make your homework at Learning Center (before we give you anything you must be able to handle it)
4. Apply for ebay drop ship program, website creation and/or apply for retail store front franchise